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Run thread through bees wax to strengthen and smooth out thread for hand sewing. 

Cotton and silk thread should always be waxed before hand sewing with it. 

Run thread through bees wax to strengthen and smooth out thread for hand sewing. If wax is too hard, leave in sun for 10 minutes.

Waxing is also important to keep polyester thread from tangling and achieve some needed stiffness.

To bee or not to bee.. the modern quiltmaker asks herself if she should use bees wax in her hand sewing or not. A coat of bees wax to your regular sewing thread will strenghten it. It is recommended to use beeswax when you hand appliqué, to prevent the thread from tangling and knotting. Some quilters will run the strand of thread through the bees wax and then run the thread through the fingers to melt it into the thread.

How to use bees wax in hand sewing:

Before sitting down to do your hand sewing, cut several lengths of thread. Draw each thread back and forth several times over the cake of beeswax to coat the thread. You can remove excess beeswax by either running the thread through your fingers or by ironing the thread on scap fabric (or paper towels). Although it seems like a lot of preparation, it really helps the thread glide through the fabric.

 Not recommended for machine sewing

Why do you use beeswax on thread?
Running your thread through a bit of beeswax before you stitch has so many benefits. It smooths the thread and reduces fuzz, keeps it from tangling when you stitch, and makes the strands lie neatly together for even prettier stitches. It's a little step that makes a big difference.

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