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H-101-M Industrial Blind Stitch Machine

This H-101-M, industrial blind hemmer with movable free arm, is suitable for light to medium weight materials such as dressmaking, tailoring, curtains and soft furnishings.  This machine is ideal for alterations, tailoring a drapery companies. The H-101-M also features a swing out plate to enable hemming of smaller items such as trousers. Accessories included: needles, screwdrivers ________________________.


  • Dial-type control to change needle depth.
  • Adjustable stitch length.
  • Knee lift for presser foot to allow you to handle the material with both hands.


  • Needles: LWx6T
  • Stitch Length: 8mm
  • Needle Type: #9-14
  • Height of Presser Foot: 12mm
  • Maximum Sewing Speed: 2500rpm


The machine which adopts a single needle sewing blind stitch. The model is fit for all kinds of medium-thickness materials prizering, such as trouser leg seam, lower hem of garment, socks, gloves and small-bore textile materials. The model has features like advanced construction, unique design, excellent performance, steady running, non-noise, precision fit, longer use time, aesthetic stitching, easier operation, it is one indispensable piece of sewing equipment. Complete with table, motor and stand.