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The Block Marker differs from other quilting squares as it measures from the centre point out, which can be marked through the ruler. This ruler is used for the 'Sash as you go' method which is described in The Infinity Quilt book. The Main function of the Block Marker is to mark the working area of a quilt block.

The idea of The Block Marker is to be able to mark the working area of a quilt block as well as the central point.

It is the ideal marker not only for quilting but also for machine embroidery designs and perfect placements.

The Block Marker can be used in conjunction with The Sewing Revolution. By marking the centre point and the four holes on the 12 inch square The Sewing Revolution can be aligned perfectly to the quilt block.

There is also provision to mark the quilt block into eight equal segments. Fourteen different size squares are included in this one tool so it is a multifunctional piece. A rotary cutter may be used on all four edges.

Other uses:

Mark the corner slots to the required size, The Centre point "A" and the halfway holes of the vertical and Horizontal lines "C" of the square required.

The halfway holes for the vertical and horizontal "C" on the 12 inch squares as well as the centre point "A" can be marked for perfect placement of the sewing revolution.

Easily replaced on completed quilt block for final marking and trim.


  • Made from a flexible and very durable acrylic

  • 12 different sized squares in one ruler.

  • 17 inch to 12 inch square in the center and a 6 inch - 8½ inch square with center point, in the upper right hand quadrant.

  • The center point can be marked through the ruler.

  • Slotted corners for accurate marking of the working area of a quilt block.

  • Marked lines on The Block Marker are used to square up patchwork blocks before trimming.

  • Can be used with a rotary cutter.

  • Quarter inch seam allowance marked around the outside.

  • Used in conjunction with the Sewing Revolution to ensure perfect place of embroidery or appliqué.