Husqvarna Viking Do All Quilters Hoop | 150 x 150 mm | 920115096

Husqvarna Viking

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The Do All Quilter’s Hoop includes one outer hoop and two different types of inner hoops. The larger inner hoop marked “Light” leaves less space between the inner and outer hoop for embroidery on lightweight fabrics and thinner battings. The smaller inner hoop marked “Heavy” leaves more space between the inner and outer hoop for embroidery on heavyweight fabrics and batting.

The exclusive “Quick Release” opens and closes the outer hoop instantly. Place fabric and stabilizer or batting on the outer hoop, insert inner hoop and move the “Quick Release” down to close the hoop. To open the hoop and release the fabric, move the “Quick Release” up and the outer hoop opens instantly.

The spring loaded “Quick Release” mean there is no need to screw and unscrew the hoop. What a time saver! Hooping fabric is “sew” easy!! The Do All Quilter’s Hoop Embroidery Template is included and shows vertical, horizontal and diagonal markings and Pictogram Pen slots plus inches and centimeter markings along the border for perfect placement of embroidery designs on quilt blocks and all projects. An Inspirational and Instructional Do It All Quilter’s Hoop CD is included with three Do All Quilter’s Hoop embroideries.

150 x 150mm

Will work on:

Husqvarna VIKING Designer Diamond Royale, Designer Diamond Deluxe, Designer Diamond, Designer Sapphire 85, Designer Ruby Royale, Designer Ruby Deluxe, Designer Ruby, Designer Topaz 50, 40, 30, 25, 20, Designer SE, Designer SE Limited Edition, Designer I, II, Quilt Designer, Quilt Designer II, Platinum 955E, Designer Brilliance 80, Designer Epic, Designer Epic 2, Designer Epic 3

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