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Gemsy GEM520A Gravity Steam Iron With Bottle 

With solenoid valve

Iron Specs:
Voltage : 220-240V
Frequency : 50HZ
Power : 1000/13000W
Weight : 2.4KG
Temperature Range : 1-5
Bottom Plate Size : 22cm x 14cm
Bottle takes 3 litre
High quality power cable H06RN-F

Please note in order for the iron to function correctly the steam water bottle must be placed higher than the iron itself to allow the water to run down the pipe and into the iron.

What is the purpose of a steam iron?

A steam iron is the best way to give your clothes/fabric or cloth a professionally pressed look and feel, from the comfort of your home. The steam from the iron moistens the fibers of the fabric and makes them easier to press. Not only this, but the steam also helps keep the fibers in place for a longer duration.

An Industrial steam iron works on this principle:

Water is stored in a tank/bottle, separate from the iron. The water is pumped from the tank/bottle into a high-pressure boiler which heats the water and converts it into high-pressure steam. The pressurised steam effortlessly removes wrinkles.

To use the steam iron:

Spread the garment on an ironing board and iron as you usually would, moving the iron with the grain of the fabric. The iron will release steam. The industrial bottle steam iron is also a very useful tool in garment construction.


Point the iron away from yourself to avoid burning yourself with the steam.

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