Sew Mate Bias Tape Maker Pastel Set | BTM-PK1

Sew Mate

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Ideal For Binding Quilts And Other Craft Projects. Make Different Size Bias Tape 4 Sizes Included.
6MM, 12MM, 18MM, 25MM Bias tape Makers Included

A practical tool for making your own slanted bands for edging fabric. Works best for woven fabrics that can withstand heat. Cut a strip of fabric at a 45 degree angle so that the ribbon can also be used for edging curved pieces. Sew seams together on the slant and make an extra long strip. After the pieces have been cut out and joined together, the band is pulled through the wide side of the oblique bar and out through the narrow one. The band is then folded and with an iron you heat the band so it stays in shape.