Tork Craft Vernier 150mm Plastic 0.05mm Acc. | Metric | ME17150

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Range: 0-150mm & 0-6"
Accuracy: 0.05mm & 1/128"
Material: Plastic
Readout: Analog




The vernier caliper is used to give a direct reading of the distance measured with high accuracy and precision.

There are two different vernier calipers available in the Tork Craft range:

  • Analog vernier calipers.
  • Digital vernier calipers.

Using an analog vernier caliper:

  • To measure outer dimensions of an item, the item is placed within the external jaws, which are then moved together until against the object.
  • To measure inner dimensions of an item, the internal jaws are placed within the opening, which are then spread open until against the object.
  • To measure the depth of an opening, the depth rod is placed in the opening, which are then slid down until it touches the bottom of the opening.
  • Read the main scale where it lines up with the sliding scale's zero. The main scale on a Vernier calliper typically tells you the whole number plus the first decimal.
  • Read this just as you would a ruler, measuring to the zero mark on the sliding (Vernier) scale.
  • The digits remaining are taken from the vernier scale and placed after the decimal point of the basic reading. This remaining reading corresponds to the mark that is lined up with any main scale mark (or division).
  • Only one division line of the vernier scale should match with one on the main scale.

Safety Tips:

  • Make sure the workpiece being measured is clean and has no burrs on the edges.
  • When measuring a workpiece in a lathe, ensure that it is switched off
  • Keep precision measuring tools away from magnetic objects