How to use flannel in quilting

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Top tips for using flannel in quilting:

  1. Starch your fabric before cutting - it reduces stretchiness that occurs due to the loose weave.
  2. Use a simple pattern and backing.
  3. Purchase a little bit more fabric than what the pattern asks for.
  4. Cut your pieces larger, use a 3/8 inch seam allowance.
  5. Make your blocks slightly larger and square it down to the size needed.
  6. Use your pins.
  7. Elongate your stitch length to 3.0.
  8. Press your seams open, rather than together to a side.
  9. When you stitch your flannel, you can use a walking foot (or integrated dual feed) to piece your flannel if you feel that it is needed - for example if the fabric shifts around a lot.
  10. Reduce your presser foot pressure.

The benefits of using flannel in quilting:

  1. Quilted flannel creates a fantastic visual effect.
  2. The brushed 100% cotton creates a snuggly, soft texture to the quilt.
  3. Flannel also makes a great backing because of the non-shift, soft texture.
This article was written by: Maria Kotzé
SAQG Accredited Quilt Teacher


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