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I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou.

Today we are extremely inspired by the artwork and words of Babs Myburgh, a loyal friend, one who holds a dear place in our hearts here at QuiltSew. Tannie Babs is not only a loyal friend and customer to QuiltSew but she is one who is dedicated in bringing about education and hope around Lupus SLE. We at QuiltSew are privileged to have played a part in what Tannie Babs has created, an artwork, an inspiration and a piece that holds so much hope and meaning. 

Below, Tannie Babs has shared with us what this Quilt means to her and what it represents. 

"As many of my quilting friends that I have met at Quiltsew during these last few years, I have been diagnosed with Lupus SLE . To survive a day is a miracle. Many of us grew up with the idea that black and especially purple, is the colour of mourning, but to us Lupus Warriors, purple is the colour of hope.

Lupus, in its many forms of affects, is a disease that is not general information in the real world. It manifests in numerous ways and many times, it takes years to be diagnosed. Looking at a person with Lupus, one would not recognise the fact that this person is in fact very ill . Our “looks” is deceiving; the fight we fight is internal.

The butterfly is a meaningful representation of Lupus. Beautiful to look at, but the battle to become a butterfly is well known. Getting out of that cocoon, takes effort. Once free, it darts around from flower to flower, free and alive. Although we as Lupus Warriors, are not free as such, we are beautiful to look at and admire. That admiration is our goal – we want to be beautiful and free. So next time you see a butterfly, say a little prayer for someone you might know who has Lupus.

To get to the quilt I made, this is the moral of its story. I made it for a fellow warrior who is one we can turn to as a tutor, for information, for understanding and most of all, for support." - Babs Myburgh


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