AMF Overlock Machine Needles | 2054 | Size 80/12 - 10 Pack


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Please check the user manual of your machine for compatibility. Machines should specify 2054 / 16x75 / SLX75 / SY2054 system.

Needle Specifications:

Length Butt to Eye: 33.9mm
Flat Shank Diameter: 1.64mm

Works with the following machines;

Singer Serger (Overlock) Models:
14U23A, 14U234, 14U244B, 14U286, 14U32A, 14U34(14U34B), 14U44, 14U44B, 14U46B, 14U65B, 14U85B, 14U234B, 14U285, 14U344, 14U344B, 14U354, 14U444, 14U454, 14U454B, 14U455, 14U544, 14U554, 14U555, 14U557, 14U594, 14U595, PRO4D

Note* Singer 2054 Needles does not fit Singer Sergers: 14CG754, 14U12, 14U13, 14U22, 14U33, 14U52, 14U53 and 14U64A.

Pfaff Serger (Overlock) Models:
756, 4762, 4772

Size 90/14, 10 needles in a pack - light ball point

Also available in Size 90