Grip Lite Side Clamps Package of 2 | QP27171


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Tired of heavy, hard-to-squeeze and use side clamps for your Longarm / Midarm quilting machine? Or clamps that grip and pull on only an inch or two of the quilt thereby distorting the side of the quilt? No more! The Grip-Lite side clamps are super lightweight providing a secure 6-inch grip and easily opened with one hand! Each clamp comes with 6 feet of double-sided hook and loop tape and a short elastic strip for fast attachment to any frame. And testing your machine's tension has never been easier. 

  • Color: Red
  • Made of: Plastic
  • Use: Side Clamp
  • Size: 6in long clamp, strap is about 6ft long and 3/8in wide.
  • Included: Two Clamps