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Husqvarna Viking

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The large transparent plate is marked with 1/4 and 1/8 inch guidelines for excellent visibility and accuracy when free-motion quilting and embroidering.

  • Take standard ankle and presser foot off the machine.
  • Place Free-motion Guide Foot on the presser bar with the wire guide over the needle clamp screw. Screw in place with the accessory thumb screw.
  • Lower the feed teeth. (Automatically lowered on Designer SE).
  • Mark pattern for free-motion quilting or stitching on fabric with Pictogram Pen.
  • For group 1 set machine for straight stitch (or desired stitch). For group 7 select the V menu, touch free motion straight stitch or free motion zig zag stich.
  • Place Free-motion Guide Grip on quilt or fabric and stitch. Move quilt or fabric at a smooth pace for even stitches.

Works with Husqvarna Viking machines:

ORCHIDEA, 1250, #1+, 1200, 1100, 1090, 1070, 1070 S, 1050