Mundial 8,5 inch Pinking Schears | Cushion Soft 1865


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The Mundial Creative Pinking Shears are from the Cushion Soft line of ambidextral scissors and shears with soft rubber rings on their handles and micro-serrated edges that enable a much more comforatble handling. Handles are available in various combinations of colors.

This pinking scissors is for fabric. These scissors has a special zig zag cutting edge. Use this zig zag scissors for fabric to prevent fabric from fraying or to cut curved edges in order to prevent pleats in a seam. You can also use this pinking scissors for fabric to cut decorative edges. No project is too big for these scissors! The zig zag blades give projects that extra bit of detail, meaning they are perfect for quilting, tailoring and edging. They can also be used on fabric or paper (but of course not both!) as they offer a lasting sharp edge that cuts all the way to the tip.