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Quilt size: 51,5” x 64" (1,3m X 1,65m) 

Skill level: Beginner / Intermediate

Nikara Chellan: 

Snoopy has always been famously known to remind us to enjoy the little things in life, much like this fabric and quilt design.

Embracing this fabric was a moment of reconnecting with one’s inner child and exploring a less traditional approach to quilting.

Snoopy is known to offer a sense of solidarity and peace to its readers and seeing this fabric brought the same warm and exciting feeling within. It was fun, happy and sparked an urge to create something different, unusual but intriguing.

It is quite a delightful experience to allow the mind to wonder into a whirlwind of imagination, hence it was quite easy finding complimentary fabrics for Snoopy. 

Think happy, think inspiring, think bright, think different or perhaps, don’t think at all and just enjoy the experience.

The fun of quilting is not only the quilting itself  but the experience and joy of bringing something so unique and personal to life.

Enjoy our free Snoopy Pattern and explore creativity in a rather untraditional way with QuiltSew.

Cutting templates by Maria Kotzé (SAQG Accredited Quilt Teacher)

Fabric Pick by Nikara Chellan from QUILTSEW.