Quilting fabric | Lavender Sachet Lavender All Over | MASD10041-K

Maywood Studios

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100% cotton quilting fabric, 110 cm  (45inch) wide

Lavender Sachet by Maywood Studio

Lavender is often a scent we associate with fresh, clean linens or candles that relax and sooth us.

Bees buzzing, ribbons swirling, the fragrant aroma of a fresh Lavender Sachet... Beautiful stems of lavender and prim bows intertwine with delicate black and cream lace to make these perfectly poised fabrics. Trim the running yardage of vignetted lavender filled pails and jars for a simple but striking quilt, or cut out the blocks to piece into hand-sewn projects and gifts.

Tossed lavender sprigs on a grey background.

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