Schmetz Embroidery Gold Needle | Size 75/11 | 130/705 H-E


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Gold Embroidery Needles, Size 75/11

Color Code: None
Size: 75/11
Feature: Titanium Nitride coating, slightly rounded point and enlarged eye.
Fabric Use: Coarse and densely woven materials. Slightly rounded point and enlarged eye are perfect for embroidery on most fabrics and with the most fragile specialty threads. Titanium coating resists adhesives, improves needle wear and penetration of coarse and densely woven fabrics.

  • The Gold Embroidery Needle is particularly suited for beginners: minor operator errors are compensated by the extremely hard coating.
  • The needle enables even thicker threads to be fed in easily.
  • The easy yarn passage through the eye reduces yarn abrasion.
  • The needle is also suitable for metallic yarns with a more rounded cross section.

Quantity: Five (5) needles per card.

Product Code: 1824C

For embroidery on light weight fabrics, titanium nitrate coated.

Titanium Nitrate improves needle wear resistance in high stitch count applications.

Light ball point needle and enlarged eye for domestic embroidery machines.